Want the Keys to the ULTIMATE Business Plan?
  • Get the Market Analysis Process for your Location 
  •  Learn How to Differentiate Against Competition and Position Yourself For Instant Success With Your Ideal Customers
  • Access All the Charts and Formulas You Need to Determine your Expenses, Income, Cash Flow, Sales Projections and MORE!
  •  Unlock the FULL Checklist of EVERYTHING You Will Need to Open- So You Know EXACTLY What Opening Your Cafe Will Cost
  •  Determine Your Funding Structure 
  •  Calculate Your Realistic Rent So You Can Search for Space 
  • Pass Our "Health Check" to Ensure Your Business is Sustainable With Your Estimated Expenses and Income
  •  Easily Plug in Your Numbers And Take Your Finished Comprehensive Business Plan to Partners and Investors with Confidence 
Get the COMPLETE Play Cafe "Plug 'n' Play" Business Plan for ONLY $27!
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Why Do You NEED This Plan?
Opening a Play Cafe is unlike any other business venture. Many traditional business principals and practices just don't work for this model- which is something we learned the hard way, 

After 3 Years and MANY failures, flops, and lessons learned the hard way, we finally have the blue print to successfully operating a Play Cafe, and it ALL starts with Planning.

Making an expensive mistake in the planning process like overestimating traffic, underestimating expenses & start up costs, or signing a lease your business can't afford is the MOST common reasons for business owners failing.

We don't want that for you- so get our comprehensive business plan today.
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